My Story, part 2

Wow – It’s been a long time since I posted.   School started here and my son started a new school.  He has some anxiety and sensory issues and this transition was all encompassing (outside of work) for awhile. So..where were we…oh yes…”maybe half.”  I felt the ground drop out from under my feet and nearly … More My Story, part 2

My Story, part 1

Ok – so now we get to some of the personal stuff.  I’ve started this post a million times. I figured I’d start off by telling my story (how I found out about my husband’s sexuality). Rick and I met as sophomores in college in the fall of 1984.  We were acquaintances for a couple … More My Story, part 1

The Resources

Before I get into experiences, observations and anecdotes, I thought I’d discuss the various resources I’ve looked at in the past year.  As always, what is written below is a description of my own opinions based on my needs.  Your opinions may very well be different (and are welcome). By far, most of the resources … More The Resources